Challenges in preclinical evaluation: Overview of major challenges in preclinical evaluation

  Preclinical evaluation, while an essential part of the development of new drugs and therapies, is not a process free of challenges. In this article, we will discuss a few of them.

   Selecting appropriate models for testing

  One of the main challenges in preclinical evaluation is the selection of appropriate models for testing. While in vitro and in vivo studies can provide valuable information, no model is perfect. Choosing appropriate biological or computer models to test potential drugs can be complicated and require careful evaluation.

   Ensuring adequate funding

  Developing new drugs is an expensive process, and preclinical evaluation accounts for a significant portion of these costs. Securing adequate funding, both from government agencies and private investors, is crucial but often challenging.

   Complicated regulatory processes

  Regulatory processes related to preclinical evaluation are often complex and time-consuming. They require the collection and analysis of large amounts of data, as well as compliance with a range of regulations and guidelines. Even small errors can lead to delays or complications.

   Ethical issues

  As mentioned earlier, preclinical evaluation raises a number of ethical issues, especially when it comes to animal testing. Ensuring that research is conducted in an ethical manner can be challenging, especially with the growing emphasis on minimizing the use of animals in research.

   Keeping up with scientific advances

  The development of new research methods, technologies and scientific discoveries presents another challenge in preclinical evaluation. Scientists and regulators must continually train and update their knowledge to effectively evaluate new drugs and therapies.


  Preclinical evaluation, while essential to the development of new drugs and therapies, is not a process free of challenges. Selecting appropriate models for testing, securing adequate funding, complex regulatory processes, ethical issues and the need to keep up with scientific advances are just some of the challenges that researchers and regulators face. Despite these challenges, preclinical evaluation is essential to ensure the safety and efficacy of new drugs and therapies.


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