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  Welcome to the refinedss.eu homepage!

 We are proud to introduce the REFINE project - an innovative Decision Support System (SWD) training. Our training aims to improve the preclinical evaluation of nanotechnology-based drug products and medical devices.

   Who we are

 We are a team of experts in nanotechnology and preclinical evaluation. Our mission is simple: we want to make preclinical evaluation not only efficient, but most importantly cost-effective and safe.

   What is REFINE?

 REFINE is a training program that is shaping the future of preclinical evaluation. This program focuses on the use of a Decision Support System to explore the complex issues involved in evaluating nanotechnology-based drug products and medical devices.

   What will REFINE training teach you?

Our Decision Support System training courses focus on ensuring that participants are able to:

  •   Understand the principles of nanotechnology and its application in drug and medical device manufacturing.

  •   Effectively use SWD in preclinical evaluation.

  •   Streamline the entire evaluation process, resulting in greater cost-effectiveness and safety.


   Why choose REFINE training?

 Our training courses provide a solid foundation for understanding the problems and challenges of preclinical evaluation. This is extremely important today, when nanotechnology is experiencing a true renaissance in the medical world.

 What's more, our training courses are interdisciplinary and practical. They combine science and practice, which allows you to better understand the issue and apply the knowledge you gain in practice.

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 The first page on the road to the future of preclinical evaluation begins here at refinedss.eu. We are confident that your experience with us will be of valuable benefit to you.

 At refinedss.eu, together we explore how nanotechnology can change the future of medicine. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms.

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